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Trading Division

Yastronics has a fully-fledged Sales division:

We can proudly announce that we are handling a complete range of latest technology weighing scales. We are supported by the leaders of the International weighing scale pioneers like EXCELL, ACCUWEIGH,BELL,PRECIA MOLEN etc. We are dealing with various electronic laboratory scales, electronic bench scale, price computing scale, floor scales, crane scale, heavy weigh bridges etc. Our engineers take care of the installation and after sales service also.

We sell, install and give service to a wide range of electronic & electrical control equipments. We also sell AC Motor speed controllers, DC Motor controllers, soft starters, PLC, HMI, Temperature controller , load cell,UPS systems, solid state relays, thermocouples, laser / digital / analogue type thermometers, photo electric sensors etc.

Industrial Electronics spare parts:- We deal with a limited quantity of spare parts items, as per the requirement of YASTRONICS customers.

Danfoss- Saudi Arabia
Excell- Distributor in Saudi Arabia
Accuweigh Distributors in Saudi Arabia
 Weighbridge System Suppliers in Saudi Arabia
Load Cells Suppliers in Saudi Arabia
Delta VFD Suppliers in Saudi Arabia
Delta HMI Interface Suppliers in Saudi Arabia